Biggest Pests of the Past 10 NBA Seasons

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To win an NBA championship, you often need a player who is going to ruffle some feathers. Here are the biggest pests of the past 10 NBA seasons.

A championship team in the NBA often requires a player who will ruffle some feathers. Those feisty players do a lot of the hard work on the team. They get into their opponent’s heads and do whatever it takes to win.

In order to win a championship, every player on the team needs to play an important role. Looking back at all of the champions of the past ten seasons, nearly all of them had a player who played the role of the pest.

NBA pests are everywhere, constantly bothering their opponents. Being a pest often also leads to developing good defensive habits. So, it is no coincidence that the biggest instigators in the NBA are also some of the best on-ball defenders in the league. Here are the three biggest NBA pests of the past ten seasons.

Lance Stephenson

Primarily known for his time with the Indiana Pacers, Lance Stephenson made it a priority to bother the best player on the other team. As a result, he was a key part to some of the Pacers deep playoff runs. One of Stephenson’s most memorable moments was the pressure he put on LeBron James during one of the series against the Miami Heat. Lance Stephenson was determined to get in LeBron’s head while he was defending him. At one point, he started blowing into LeBron’s ear just to bother him.

LeBron James is one of the all-time greats, and he still had an incredible series. However, each series between those Pacers and Heat teams were extremely close and competitive. Lance Stephenson’s antics might have not stopped LeBron or any other star from getting their numbers, but he slowed them down enough to at least make the series a little more competitive (and entertaining).

Patrick Beverley

The best part about Patrick Beverley being a pest is that he is very persistent. Beverley has a very honest and open personality, and he will call out things how he sees them. That means that anyone can be a target for Patrick Beverley to ruffle their feathers.
Pat Beverley has made comments about all types of players in the NBA, from rookies to top-tier superstars. He truly believes that he is the best defensive guard in the NBA, and that he can guard anyone. His feistiness has led to clashes with some of the top players in the NBA, most notably his new teammate, Russell Westbrook.

Patrick Beverley clearly made an impact on all of the teams he has played for. He played a big role in the success of the Rockets and the Clippers. He was also a major reason why the Timberwolves made the playoffs last season. We will see if he can make an impact on the Lakers next season, as they try to bounce back after a rough season last year.

Draymond Green

If you are not a Warriors fan, odds are you don’t like Draymond Green. But you have to respect him. He is a master of his craft. Draymond does everything that the Warriors need him to do. His ability to do all of the dirty work for the Warriors has helped them to win four NBA championships.

Stephen Curry is a phenomenal NBA superstar, but he would not be as successful as he has been without the team surrounding him. Draymond Green is a key part of Golden State’s core. His antics not only stir up drama and bother opponents, but they also energize the Warriors. It is safe to say that the Warriors would not have won their four championships without a pest like Draymond Green.

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