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“Bias in the Booth” by Dylan Gwinn

Book review at Knup Sports

Tom looks at “Bias in the Booth” which deals with how the sports insiders control their message and own personal agenda.

You turn on TV and you just want to relax and enjoy the game. After all, you need an escape from the things that are going on in your life and shouldn’t sports be the safest place to get away?

In the book “Bias in the Booth” by Dylan Gwinn he is letting us know the liberal agenda is being spewed into our living room whether we like it or not. The entertainment factor is going away. Look what the sports journalists are doing. They have hijacked the narrative and placed it in our sports watching. The anchors of sports are no longer just talking sports, they are giving commentary on many other things that are non sports related.

It previous years, sports journalists we on top of things going on in the arena, field and court and were excited about sharing that with us. Now they are giving their liberal opinions according to Gwinn. Look at the negative press surrounding Tim Tebow and his faith and the shift to the positiveness of Michael Sams letting everyone know he is gay. It is agenda driven by the networks and people running them.

He writes,

“Many sports reporters and commentators recognize that they deal in trivialities, and yet they want to make a bigger impact on society, they want to feel more important,they want to inflate their egos by lecturing you, and as a consequence they often do their real jobs not very well.”

Gwinn lays it out for us but then decides to give his own opinions which undermines all that he has written The central message is missed. When reading this remember it is one author’s thoughts with very little sources to draw from.

This book is probably not worth the time to read. But if you are still wanting to spend a few bucks then check it out.

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