Betting on Virtual Cricket

Just like American Football is widely popular in America, and soccer is the most dominant sport in Europe, cricket is the most popular sport in countries like India, Pakistan, and Australia. Cricket leagues like the Indian Premier League are famous all around the world.

As the sports industry is using technology to its fullest, online sports betting is on the rise, and platforms have been developed so that fans can watch sporting events all around the world and bet on them. Moreover, virtual sports have become wagers’ favorite, including virtual cricket.

Virtual Sports Betting

Despite the abandonment of many sporting events due to the coronavirus, virtual sports offer the excitement and entertainment of sports. Virtual betting involves fantasy sports video games where people create teams and bet on games simulated by the computer.

The scores and ranks are based on the team’s or individual player’s overall performance in the real-time match. The outcomes of the simulated games are based on algorithm, and the winners are picked in an objective way.

Compared to real sports events, virtual sports are usually much shorter and quicker. Also, the unpredictability that sports have, including the weather and injuries, doesn’t exist in virtual betting, making external factors almost nonexistent. Despite the difference, it creates tension and pleasure for fans to get involved in such times when they cannot attend sporting events.

Virtual Cricket

Virtual cricket betting works like any other virtual sports betting. The bettor selects any favorite team or customizes their own virtual team by selecting 11 players and letting the computer simulate the matches.

Each cricket match lasts two overs per innings. The wagers can bet on the match winner, total match boundaries, total match fours or runs, both teams to hit a four or six, total wickets lost, and to lose wicket.

Players need some kind of knowledge about sports betting and cricket to make the right choices. Analyzing and researching the overall career performance and specialties of cricketers can help the players select wisely and build a strong virtual team.

There are two competitions that players can bet on. The Clayton Oval Internationals is based on international games with teams like New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, India, and England. The Greenway Field Premier League is based on the Indian Premier League format and players can choose teams within the league like the Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, or Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Each game lasts no more than four minutes. The home team bats first, followed by the away team. The team with the most runs is the winner.

In a real cricket game, fans would know each team’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall performance by players. However, virtual cricket employs a Random Number Generator to determine the outcome of the game, which makes it less predictable.

One of the biggest advantages of virtual cricket is that there is no place for corruption. The result of a real cricket match can be set up if executives, players, and officials are involved in bribery.

Betting on virtual cricket is available with various bookmakers like Betfair, Betvictor, and Bet365.

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