Best Student Section in the ACC

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Who has the best student section in the ACC? Read this article to see if your school is in the list!

I want to take a deep-end look at the top teams in the ACC that have the best student section. I used to play basketball at the University of Miami. The University of Miami has amazing fans but due to the football background, the school hasn’t been known as a basketball school till recent years.

Throughout the seasons as we would travel, they were certain games I would look forward to more than others. Every year you can guarantee the fans will come out and support their favorite ACC teams so by default they were usually some games that were more packed than others. For example, if we played Duke at duke university, we would be sure to see the many Duke crazies going wild in support of their home team.

My favorite games were rivalry games as same state Florida teams Miami and Florida State would face each other and the energy would be electric. Florida State Stadium is hugely like the NBA arena and the fans pack the student sections as it is a state school allowing for many more students to attend the college. The state school plays a factor as the number of fans that attend the games is great. Flooded with students Florida State seems to have always gotten the better of University Miami in recent years but I’ve always looked forward to these high-level competitive games.

Virginia tech

The Virginia Tech Hokies were this ACCs previous champions and are in Blacksburg Virginia. Virginia Tech has an amazing fan base and an interesting gym as well. Every time we play Virginia Tech it seemed to be a great game ending in some type of overtime or controversial ending. Fans were wild and always energize the Hokies.

Pittsburgh in the ACC has a nice gym and an interesting fan section. One of my best memories of playing Pittsburgh is their student section opening of newspapers filled with information about the opposing team. This was creative and I’ve never seen this before as it gave the fans directions on winter cheer and details of the players

Tar Heels

The North Carolina Tar Heels probably have the best facilities in the ACC on par with that of Notre Dame and other big-time colleges. University of North Carolina fans is very proud due to their historic background as one of the greatest players to ever play the game Michael Jordan attended this university. The University of North Carolina is a historically very good program and its fans have supported this team for years.

Cameron Crazies

Honestly, my favorite student section/fan interested Hass to be from Duke University‘s the camera crazies are some of the wildest fans I have ever seen and have attended and been a part of some of the craziest collegiate basketball games in history. I’m not offended by Cameron indoor stadium per se due to its small size and I believe the University of North Carolina has a better facility but their fans are undeniable.

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