Best Numbers to Wear in Basketball

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Are you looking for a good number to wear in basketball. Check out our article to receive some inspiration.

Perhaps you are looking for some information on a jersey number to pick for your high school basketball team, or perhaps your MyPlayer needs some inspiration, whatever the reason may be, I am here to help.

There are going to be some no brainers on this list, but look out for some dark horses that deserve some more attention. Can you guess some of the numbers before reading our list?

It is now the time you have all been waiting for. Without further ado, let’s introduce the best numbers to wear in basketball.

Honorable Mentions

It would be wrong of me not to give some credit where credit is due. There are many deserving numbers that could have made the list, so we will shed some light to them.

Numbers 1, 7, 10, 13, 21 were all considered for this list. They unfortunately did not have what it took to get the job done, very similar to the Los Angeles Lakers this past season.

Third Best Number – #3

The number three belongs pretty much to basketball. It is not really a prime baseball or football number to rock on the back of your jersey, but with basketball, you better be good if you are rocking this number.

If you are a guard, consider changing your number to three. If you want to mold your game like some of the greatest to ever do it, you might as well wear their jersey too.

Allen Iverson is arguably the greatest player to ever wear the number three. At the same time, he was pretty much the pioneer for this number. Sometimes, bandwagons are made fun of, but not when choosing a jersey number. We are not talking about practice, we are talking about the fifth-best number to wear in basketball

Dwayne Wade, Stephon Marbury and Chris Paul are three other greats to sport this number. How fitting the third best number is three.

Second Best Number – #34

The unique part about basketball is that some of the coolest jersey numbers seem random to outsiders. This is not a flashy number, but one that will give you respect.

This number is pretty versatile; it does not matter your position with 34 on your back. Some of the greatest to step on the court have chosen this number.

Hakeem Olajuwon is the best player to wear 34, but the list does not get far worse after him. Shaquille O’Neal, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Charles Barkley wore it as well. Talk about a hall of fame number right here.

Best Number – #23

Is anybody surprised to see this as the best number in basketball? The number 23 has taken over the game of basketball and will always be the most popular number in the game.

Once upon a time, a man by the name of Michael Jordan wore 23 for the Chicago Bulls. He just so happened to be alright at basketball. From then on, everybody wanted to be like Mike and wear his number.

You may have also heard of another player in the NBA named LeBron James. The undeniable two best players to ever step onto an NBA court have worn this number, so it is deserving of getting the top spot on our prestigious list. Sometimes, the number is overdone, but deservedly so.

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