11 Best NBA Players Born in Michigan of All Time

Join us as we look at the best NBA players born in Michigan over the history of the game.

Michigan has long been recognized as a breeding ground for basketball greatness, giving rise to some of the most iconic figures in NBA history. This rich tradition of excellence spans decades, featuring players who have redefined positions, influenced generations, and left an indelible mark on the sport.  We are going to take a look at the best NBA players born in Michigan — EVER!

From Magic Johnson’s mesmerizing passes to Chris Webber’s dominance in the paint, Michigan’s contribution to basketball is both profound and far-reaching. Let’s dive in and talk about 11 of the best Michigan born NBA Players to ever do it.

Number one is……

Magic Johnson: A Visionary On and Off the Court

Magic Johnson, hailing from Lansing, is not just a household name in Michigan but a global basketball icon. Known for his incredible court vision and the ability to execute passes that few could even conceive, Johnson was a pivotal figure in the “Showtime” Lakers’ era. This period in basketball history is celebrated for its fast-paced, entertaining style, where Johnson’s showmanship on the court was matched only by his team’s consistent success. 

Johnson’s versatility was unmatched, as he could effectively play all five positions, a testament to his all-encompassing skill set and basketball IQ. His legacy is not confined to his on-court prowess; off the court, Johnson has made significant contributions as an entrepreneur and advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness, further solidifying his status as one of Michigan’s greatest.

Chris Webber: The Powerhouse From Detroit

Chris Webber’s basketball journey began in Detroit, and he quickly rose to prominence as a force to be reckoned with. His career in the NBA was marked by a combination of athleticism, skill, and an understanding of the game that made him one of the most versatile forwards of his time. 

Webber’s ability to score, rebound, and defend made him a nightmare for opponents and a cornerstone for his teams. Beyond his impressive stats, Webber’s impact on the game was also felt in his ability to stretch the floor for a big man, a skill that has become increasingly valued in today’s game. His legacy includes not just the numbers he racked up but also the path he blazed for future generations of players.

Devin Booker: A Scoring Phenomenon

From the moment he stepped onto the NBA court, Grand Rapids’ own Devin Booker has been nothing short of sensational. Known for his incredible scoring ability and sharpshooting, Booker has quickly established himself as one of the premier offensive talents in the league. His performances, including high-scoring games and clutch shots, have not only led to individual accolades but also to a resurgence of his team as a competitive force in the NBA. 

Booker’s journey is a testament to the rich basketball talent coming out of Michigan, and his continued ascent in the league is a storyline that fans eagerly follow.

Apr 10, 2024; Los Angeles, California, USA; Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker (1) moves the ball against the Los Angeles Clippers during the second half at Arena. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

George Gervin: The Iceman’s Legacy

Detroit’s George Gervin, affectionately known as “The Iceman,” brought a smooth, effortless style to the game that was as effective as it was captivating. Gervin’s scoring ability, highlighted by his signature finger roll, made him a legend on the court and a revered figure in basketball history. His influence extends beyond his scoring titles, as he helped pave the way for future generations to approach the game with a blend of grace and competitiveness. 

Gervin’s place among the greats is secured not just by his individual achievements but also by his lasting impact on the sport.

Glen Rice: The Sharpshooter From Flint

Glen Rice, coming out of Flint, Michigan, exemplified shooting excellence during his time in the NBA. His ability to knock down shots from beyond the arc with remarkable efficiency made him one of the league’s most feared scorers. 

Rice’s game was not one-dimensional, however; he possessed the ability to score in a variety of ways, making him a versatile offensive threat. His career serves as a blueprint for aspiring shooters, demonstrating the value of range and accuracy in the modern game.

Jason Richardson: High-Flying Entertainment

Saginaw’s Jason Richardson brought an electrifying blend of athleticism and skill to the NBA, known particularly for his high-flying dunks and scoring ability. Richardson’s highlights are a staple of NBA lore, showcasing his incredible leaping ability and flair for the dramatic. Beyond the highlight reels, Richardson was a reliable scorer and a competitive force on the court, embodying the spirit and talent of Michigan basketball.

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Steve Smith: A Model of Versatility

Detroit native Steve Smith was celebrated for his all-around game and clutch performances. Smith’s career, characterized by his scoring, playmaking, and leadership, showcased the diverse talent that Michigan produces. His ability to take over games and deliver when it mattered most made him a revered figure among teammates and fans alike. Smith’s legacy in the NBA is a testament to his skill, work ethic, and basketball IQ.

B.J. Armstrong: The Quintessential Point Guard

B.J. Armstrong, another Detroit product, played a pivotal role in the success of his teams, particularly noted for his time with the Chicago Bulls during their championship runs. Armstrong’s game was defined by his steady playmaking, reliable shooting, and leadership on the floor. He epitomized the qualities of a Michigan-bred point guard: toughness, intelligence, and a team-first attitude. 

Armstrong’s contributions to his teams went beyond the stats, as he was a key figure in one of the most successful eras in NBA history.

Kyle Kuzma: Flint’s Versatile Forward

Kyle Kuzma, from Flint, has quickly made a name for himself in the NBA as a versatile forward capable of impacting the game in multiple ways. His scoring, rebounding, and ability to stretch the floor have made him an invaluable asset to his team. Kuzma’s journey from Michigan to the NBA is a story of determination and skill development, reflecting the state’s tradition of producing well-rounded and competitive basketball talent.

Nov 25, 2022; Miami, Florida, USA; Washington Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma (33) reacts after scoring to end the third quarter against the Miami Heat at FTX Arena. Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Jalen Rose: From Fab Five to NBA Stardom

Jalen Rose’s transition from Michigan’s iconic “Fab Five” to NBA stardom is a journey marked by adaptability and skill. Rose’s versatility allowed him to excel in various roles throughout his career, impacting the game as both a scorer and a playmaker. His legacy includes not only his on-court achievements but also his contributions to basketball culture and commentary, extending the influence of Michigan basketball beyond the court. 

Draymond Green: The Heart of a Champion

Draymond Green, from Saginaw, epitomizes the modern NBA player with his versatility, defense, and playmaking. Known for his intensity and basketball IQ, Green has been instrumental in his team’s success, contributing in ways that go beyond traditional statistics. His ability to guard multiple positions and facilitate the offense has redefined the role of a forward in the NBA, underscoring Michigan’s influence on the evolution of the game.

Best NBA Players Born in Michigan — a Wrap

That’s a wrap folks. We hope you enjoyed our look at the best NBA players born in Michigan. In the future we might look at other states as well.

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