Best Movies About Basketball For Kids

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Two of the best things in life are basketball and movies. Check out this article to see the best basketball movies made for kids.

Basketball is the greatest sport out there, so there are plenty of films made about the game. There is no better way to kickstart your child’s love for the game of basketball than to watch a fun movie about it.

Today, I am reminiscing on my younger days when I would be tired of playing sports for the day, so I would watch a movie about them instead. Let’s check out the three best basketball movies made for kids.

High School Musical, No. 3

Coming in at No. 3 is High School Musical. Yes, this is a basketball movie. In fact, if you want to get your kid to watch something about sports, this is a great disguise to do so.

You got to get’cha head in the game, as Zac Efron and the rest of the gang says. You get a love story, a musical, an underdog story about basketball, friendship, and more packed into this film that can be enjoyed by all ages.

The good part about this movie is that the fun does not just end after the initial movie. Stick around and watch the entire three movies of the series. The basketball players might not be that good in the movie, but at least you get some music stuck in your head when it’s all said and done.

Air Bud, No. 2

A dog that can play basketball, we should just end this paragraph here. How can other basketball movies compete?

The iconic dog in the story gets abandoned by his terrible owner and eventually changes the life of a child named Josh for the better. His life was at an all-time low until the bucket-getting dog came into his life.

Air Bud is a great movie for kids and any dog lovers out there. Before we get to the best movie, let’s give a special shoutout to Space Jam for barely missing out on the list.

Like Mike, No. 1

Everybody wants to be like Mike, but what if a pair of shoes could make that happen overnight? Like Mike is a feel-good story that features a lot of familiar faces in the basketball world. I have watched it over 100 times in my life, and you should too.

Life in an orphanage is not very ideal, especially when you have a bully and nobody who is willing to adopt you. A pair of magical Jordan’s previously owned by the GOAT himself, Michael Jordan, fell into the hands of Calvin Cambridge. The rest is history.

Not only did Cambridge completely turn around the fictional Los Angeles Knights franchise, but he did so as the shortest and youngest player in NBA history. None of this would happen in real life, but let the kids dream. It’s also pretty funny that he is played by Lil Bow Wow.

Everybody wants to be Like Mike, but this movie made everyone want to be like Calvin Cambridge. Unfortunately, there is not a trophy associated with this prestigious ranking, but the crown goes to Like Mike.

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