Best Cities for an NBA Team

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The NBA is potentially looking to expand, and there are many deserving cities of a team. Check out this article to see the three best options.

Do you ever look at a map and wonder why certain cities do not have an NBA team? Or do you ever wonder why some states have multiple teams, and others do not have a single one? A lot goes into the decision-making process, but at the end of the day, the biggest reason is because of the money involved.

You cannot put an NBA team in your town of 50,000 people and expect it to bring in revenue. There has to be a high population, a high demand and a promising market.

It is always fun to hop on NBA2k and pick a new team, but let’s determine the best cities that deserve their own NBA franchise.

Mexico City

If you have not been paying that close attention to the league, there is actually a pretty sizable chance Mexico City gets their own NBA team in the future. This would mean that three different countries have an NBA team.

The NBA is beloved by people all over the world, and although soccer is the most popular sport in Mexico, basketball could be a major hit.

There is already a G League team (The Capitanes) that play in the state-of-the-art Mexico City Arena. Adam Silver has done a great job expanding the league at a global level, but there are some problems with Mexico City in this scenario.

Denver–the Mile High City–has nothing on Mexico City. The elevation is currently 2,000 feet above where it is in Denver. That presents a major problem. Another issue may be recruiting, as American players may be hesitant to change their way of life in basically a whole new world. It is also located in Southern Mexico.

With over 9 million citizens, Mexico City could have a team in the future. What would be a good team name for this potential new team?

St. Louis

Some people say St. Louis is boring, but there is no question they have some of the best fans in sports. Just look at their support for the Cardinals and the Blues; an NBA team would thrive in this Midwestern city.

St. Louis is the third largest metro area without an NBA team. That being said, there is a lot of potential in the market. Arch Madness, the Missouri Valley Conference basketball tournament, is played here, and it always draws a crowd. Throw them in the Enterprise Center, and there you go.

Las Vegas

With our last city, we have a no-brainer. Las Vegas is probably the most deserving city without an NBA team. You know what they say, money talks.

Las Vegas is the hub of entertainment. Football has entered the city, baseball is likely to do the same, and professional basketball will top it all off. Just look at the recent success of college basketball in the city.

The conversations about Las Vegas being at the forefront of the new-team conversation really heated up in the last five years. Sooner rather than later, there will be an NBA team in Sin City, and they will make a lot of money.

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