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A total of seven head coaching jobs have opened up across the NBA, and we’re not even past the semifinals round of the playoffs yet!

Best Available NBA Coaching Job: A total of seven head coaching jobs have opened up across the NBA, and we’re not even past the semifinals round of the playoffs yet!

The Dallas Mavericks, Portland Trail Blazers, Boston Celtics, Indiana Pacers, Washington Wizards, Orlando Magic and New Orleans Pelicans are the seven teams with openings at the head coaching position.

The best current opening right now, for the immediate future at least, is probably the Wizards.

The Wizards finished off the season going 17-6 and have two superstar talents that seemingly want to remain with the team for at least another season.

Bradley Beal has professed a deep love for the Washington community, and is said to be willing to give it another year with Russell Westbrook to figure things out.

It was a slow start to the Wizards’ season, as Westbrook played through an early season injury, other untimely injuries occurred and the entire organization had to halt operations for two weeks due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

Despite all the obstacles they faced, they still didn’t quit on the season and ultimately snuck into the 8th and final spot in the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

Some people will argue that the Mavericks and Trail Blazers have more appeal to coaches looking for another opportunity. However, Luka Doncic is reportedly unhappy with the entire Mavs organization, and there is much speculation that Damian Lillard might finally request a trade to a situation where he can finally legitimately compete for a championship.

Those situations remain up in the air at this current moment, but Doncic is almost certainly not going anywhere any time soon, so maybe the right hire could entice Doncic to sign a long-term contract to stay in Dallas.

The Celtics are just in complete disarray as an organization at this current moment. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have established themselves as young superstars, but outside of those two, they don’t have much help at all. Kemba Walker was recently dealt for Al Horford, but Horford isn’t going to be the same player he once was.

The Walker trade also leaves a gaping hole at the point guard position. The Celtics are going to need a shakeup in the worst way to reestablish themselves as a powerhouse team.

The Magic have a ton of young talent to build around for the future, and they’re also likely to get a high pick in this year’s draft. However, they’re not going to be competing for the playoffs any time soon.

The Pacers are another team that’s a complete mess. They fired their head coach for the second consecutive year, and the current pieces they have on their roster don’t mesh very well.

The Pelicans, of course, have Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram, but Williamson is another young star frustrated with his current situation, as he could eventually look to move on from New Orleans in the coming years. The Pelicans might even relocate in the next few years, adding another layer of uncertainty!

The Wizards’ franchise player wants to stay, and they’ve developed a camaraderie where guys are willing to step up for one another and make winning plays when the odds are stacked against them. A new voice in that locker room could help the team live up to its fullest potential.

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