4th Annual All American Sports Betting Summit Coming to Louisville

Eventus International is thrilled to announce the upcoming 4th Annual All American Sports Betting Summit (AASBS), set to take place from 10-12 July 2024 in the vibrant city of Louisville, Kentucky. Boosting your business growth is the core focus of AASBS 2024, where attendees can seize invaluable insights into the newest tech innovations and regulatory shifts, tailor-made to catalyze their iGaming and sports-betting business development initiatives across Kentucky and beyond.

Renowned industry leaders, including Jesse A. Robles, Executive Editor of, are set to grace the stage: “I always look forward to the AASBS, where global talent and US market insights converge. It’s a foundational event for sports betting companies and professionals, crucial for anyone looking to stay ahead in the industry.”

What to Expect at AASBS 2024

Essential Regulatory Discussions

With the rapid expansion of sports betting across the United States, regulatory frameworks and legislative updates remain at the forefront of industry discussions. Recent developments, such as the ongoing legal battle between the State of Florida and the Seminole Tribe regarding off-reservation online sports betting, highlight the complexities of navigating state-specific regulations and tribal gaming compacts.

Industry stakeholders keenly observe these proceedings as they could set significant precedents for future market entry and operational guidelines. Moreover, with the emergence of new markets and potential federal oversight, discussions surrounding the need for cohesive and adaptable regulatory structures are crucial to ensure a fair and competitive landscape for all stakeholders.

Responsible Gaming Best Practices

Responsible gaming practices and player welfare initiatives are gaining prominence as the sports betting landscape evolves. House Bill 281 and the broader conversation on charting Kentucky’s course in mobile sports betting underscore the importance of balancing market growth with robust consumer protections. Industry leaders are exploring innovative approaches to promote responsible gambling behavior, such as enhanced age verification measures, self-exclusion programs, and comprehensive education campaigns. 

Moreover, technological advancements, including AI-driven monitoring tools and data analytics, offer promising avenues for the early detection of problem gambling behaviors and proactive intervention strategies. At AASBS 2024, panels such as “Building a Secure Future: Ensuring robust legislation and responsible gaming frameworks for future player welfare” look to foster a dialogue on best practices and collaborative efforts to ensure a sustainable and socially responsible sports betting ecosystem.

Intimate and Invaluable Networking Opportunities

Bruce Merati, CEO & Founder of Uplay1:
“The All American Sports Betting Summit offers an intimate setting for industry leaders and enthusiasts to connect and engage in meaningful discussions.”
At AASBS 2024, we look to foster a conducive environment for meaningful networking and partnership opportunities, enabling attendees to engage in substantive discussions and forge valuable connections with fellow stakeholders.

Unlike larger conferences where interactions can feel diluted, our focused setting encourages deeper engagement and facilitates genuine exchanges of ideas and expertise. Our events prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring that every interaction holds the potential for fruitful collaboration.

Joe Hatton, Owner & Founder, LHC:
“Betting, Bourbon, and Bluegrass: Bringing together America’s gaming vanguards for horse trading and southern hospitality. Louisville, here we come!”

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this groundbreaking All American Sports Betting Summit event. For more information and registration details, visit the official website: and follow us on LinkedIn:  for more upcoming events and networking opportunities.

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