3 NBA Records That Could Be Broken

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While there are many impressive records in NBA history, some records could be broken. Here are three records most likely to be broken soon.

When it comes to setting records, the NBA has some impressive ones set by some of the past NBA greats. Setting an NBA record is an incredible achievement. Any time a player is competing with the best basketball players in the world and is able to set a record, it is special.

Some NBA records seem nearly impossible to break. However, some records could be broken. Although many of these records have stood in time for quite a while, there is a chance that some of these records could be broken very soon. Here is a list of three NBA records that could actually be broken.

All-Time Points Scored

Let’s start with the record most likely to be broken the fastest. The NBA record for the most points scored in NBA history is 38,387 points, a record set by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He played his last career game in 1989, and no one has come close to breaking his record. Kareem played for 20 seasons in the NBA, and was able to sustain his skill for most of his career. That made his record so difficult to break.

However, there is another player who has maintained his high level of play even longer than Kareem had. That player is LeBron James, who is now entering his 20th season in the NBA. Even at 37 years of age, it could still be argued that LeBron is the best player in the NBA.

James is less than 1,500 points from passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the all-time scoring list. As long as he remains consistent with his current scoring average and games played, he is on pace to break the record this season.

At this point, it seems like only a matter of time before LeBron James sets a new all-time scoring record. When he does, it will only add to the list of records and achievements LeBron has accomplished during his phenomenal NBA career.

Most Assists in One Game

The record holder for most assists in one game is Scott Skiles. In 1990, he dished out 30 assists in one game. No one has been able to break this incredible single-game record. John Stockton is the closest to his record, with 28 assists in one game. The closest someone has come to tying or breaking the record in recent history was when Rajon Rondo tallied 25 assists in 2017.

Although this seems like a very difficult record to break, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Considering how great the league’s point guards are today, it is definitely possible that someone could break the record. Even if point guards have a bigger role in terms of scoring the ball today, there are still many point guards in the league who often score a lot of points and assists in the same game. It is easy to picture someone like Trae Young or James Harden getting a good feel for their teammates one night and rack up a high-assist night.

Playoff Points Per Game

Michael Jordan is the owner of the record for the most playoff points per game scored during his career. Jordan is considered the greatest of all-time and arguably the greatest scorer in NBA history. With that in mind, it would seem difficult to break any of his scoring records.

However, someone might be able to break this scoring record. Luka Doncic currently averages 32.5 playoff points per game, less than a point behind Jordan’s average of 33.5 points per game in the playoffs. Both Doncic and Donovan Mitchell have floated around Jordan’s scoring average during their short postseason career. With the increasing pace of the game, it is very likely that one of the elite scorers in the league will own this record some day.

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