The Great MLB Casket Race- People Dying to Get One

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When someone sends you a link like this it makes you take time to pause and reflect and just wonder. Here is a unique item that would be cool to know you owned one when the time came.

In 2008, a Michigan-based company called Eternal Image began selling major league baseball caskets for $3,500, which come complete with mini bats for handles, and urns bearing Major League Baseball team logos for $799. Eternal Image has since sold 100′s.. According to Nick Popravsky, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing, “team logo casket sales were up 32 percent in 2009. The company’s sales of MLB urns and caskets are nearing 3,000. And while there may be no Cubs-Cardinals pennant race in 2010, the two teams are neck and neck for the lead in National League casket sales.” This really gives meaning to the term Die-Hard fan..Nick tells us how this journey into baseball heaven began.. “We started out with just five teams to see if the market would accept this, and they have. People love it,” Popravsky said. The company has expanded its product line to include caskets for all 30 MLB teams and the kind of headstone medallions” So if you’re a Cubs fan who wants to see them win a World Series before you die..Well, you can’t guarantee that, but you can be buried in a Cubs casket just in case it happens..then no one could call you a bandwagon fan..a Die hard fan for sure.

Yes, I would like to own one.

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