Why the Bundesliga is the Most Competitive League in the World at the Moment

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Despite what the majority believe, the Bundesliga is the most competitive football league in the world at the moment.

The 2022-2023 European football season has brought another year filled with wall-to-wall action. With only a few months left in the season, the title races across Europe have come in a wide variety, with some leagues already having clubs with their hands on the trophies and other leagues whose trophy is still up for grabs.

One of the most wide open title races in Europe is currently unfolding in Germany. With over 60% of the season in the books, more than half of the field still hold onto their title hopes. Although it regularly brings some of the best football in the world, the Bundesliga is currently the most competitive football league in the world. Read below to find out why I believe that the Bundesliga has brought the tightest action this season.

Tight Title Race

With each team having thirteen remaining Bundesliga matches, there are currently three league leaders in points: Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, and Union Berlin. Bayern Munich hold the top spot, due to goal difference, but have allowed a number of other clubs to join the championship conversation.

Currently, there are six clubs that are within five points of the top spot in the Bundesliga table and a number of upcoming matches that could shake up the top of the table. Holding the fourth Champions League, one Europa League, and one Europa Conference League spots are SC Freiburg, RB Leipzig, and Eintracht Frankfurt. With less than half of the season remaining, the Bundesliga title picture looks like it will come down to a photo finish.

Dazzling Form

After the Bundesliga concluded play for two months, prior to the Qatar World Cup. Bayern Munich sat 4 points ahead in the table, with current points co-leaders Union Berlin and Dortmund sitting in 5th and 6th, trailing by 7 and 9 points to the league leaders.

In the six matches since play resumed, both clubs have been able to make up the points difference, and currently sit level with Bayern in points. This was prompted by a 5-1-0 record for Union Berlin and an undefeated 6-0-0 run by Dortmund.

In fact, each of the five clubs directly under the top spot in the Bundesliga have captured more points than the league leader. With the Bundesliga entering crunch time, the many clubs’ brilliant form makes it difficult to predict who will hoist the Meisterschale.

Struggling Superteam

Although the Bundesliga’s competitiveness can be attributed to impressive form by a number of the clubs, one of the main reasons is the disappointing play of German giants, Bayern Munich. Bayern have imposed a reign of terror on the Bundesliga in the past decade, as they’ve won the past ten Bundesliga Championships.

Bayern have suffered massively in the new year, posting a 2-3-1 record. Although this isn’t a bad record in any respect, it’s far below what is expected of a club like Bayern. They’ve dropped nine of a possible eighteen points and now find themselves in a place they haven’t been in years, a title race.

Although there is still much to happen this season, Bayern Munich need to make something happen soon if they want to reclaim their German crown. With a number of exciting matches every week, you won’t want to miss the rest of this Bundesliga campaign.

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