Top 5 Greatest Quaterbacks to Play in the NFL

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Since the beginning of the NFL one of the most important positions has been the quarterback. The position has only grown more important since the league has become more pass heavy. Only few quarterback have had what it takes to make there mark on the mount rushmore of quarterbacks.

These quarterbacks are considered the best of the best and took control of the league through their elite play and knowledge of the game. This list consists completely of those players and is listed in so specific order. These are the best quarterbacks to ever touch the field and hike a ball.

Tom Brady

Considered to be the greatest NFL player ever to play the game, and the obvious choice for this list Tom Brady. Brady played for the New England Patriots for the majority of his career, winning six super bowls with them. He then would go to Tampa Bay and win the 2021 NFL super bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Brady’s throwing ability and field vision are unmatched, and after over a decade of dominance, Tom Brady still looks to win more in the league.

Payton Manning

Peyton Manning was an electric player on the field who had incredible leadership on both teams he played for. Manning started on the Indianapolis Colts in 1998, and for 14 years, he would grow into an elite player. In 2012 Manning was released from the Colts and signed with the Denver Broncos, which was the best choice the Broncos could have ever made.

Payton Manning would then go on to win two NFL super bowls with the Broncos and racking up over 70,000 passing yards in his career. Payton now sits in the hall of fame and has gone down as a great.

Brett Farve

Green Bay Packers pride and joy Brett Farve’s impact on the league was immense. Nicknamed the “The Gunslinger”, Farve had incredible accuracy in his throwing ability. Farve finished his career with a 62% completion percentage. After joining the Packers in 1992 Farve would then go on to win the Packers first super bowl in over 25 years.

Farve is now considered one of the best quarterbacks to ever play by many fans and is commended to the guidance given to Aron Rodgers, who would follow in Farve’s footsteps and win a super bowl for the Packers.

Joe Montana

Joe Montana was considered the greatest quarterback of all time for a while, and his resume of accolades and records to back that up. After 16 seasons in the league and playing for only two teams, the San Fransico 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs.

Montana would win four super bowls with San Fransico and an undefeated record on the biggest stage there is. Montana now sits a second on most fans all-time quarterback list.

Dan Marino

Known for his extremely fast release time, Dan Marino was one of the most underrated greats of all time. After 17 years in the NFL Marino racked up 61,000 yards and 420 touchdowns to go along with that.

Although Marino never won a super bowl, his stats and influence alone has brought him to an extremely high status.

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