Today we will discuss the best playoff games in NFL history

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Today we will discuss the best playoff games in NFL history. The Super Bowl will not make an appearance on this list.

There is nothing like football in January, that is where teams make or break their seasons. We all have favorite games, and here are my top three games. No Super Bowls, because that can be a list on its own.

The first game we will talk about is “the immaculate reception”, then the drive, and lastly Manning vs Brady 2006. Some honorable mentions are 81 NFC championships (“the catch”), “The Sea of Hands”, and many many more.

The Immaculate Reception

This game might just be the Steelers best playoff game. Coming from a family of Steelers fans, the only thing you hear is Frank O Harris catch. For good reason to, this was the win that put Pittsburgh on the football map (also their first playoff win),

The game was not high scoring, in reality most scoring was down in the fourth quarter. No quarterback had over 150 yards, both teams were struggling. Then the Raiders got on the board and scored what looked like a walk-off touchdown.

With only a few seconds and a Steelers offense that looked dead, it looked like Oakland was going to Miami. Then Terry Bradshaw dropped back, and unleashed a ball that got tipped and it landed perfectly into Frank O Harris hands, and history was made.

The Drive

Both Denver and the Browns, before 1986 were in the playoffs, but both never made the super bowl. John Elway and Denver traveled to a cold Dawg Pound. The Browns were favorites, and were close to a Super Bowl appearance.

The game was sloppy with both teams stuck at 13-13, then Bernie Kosar released a 48 yard pass to Brain Brennan. The score was now 20-13, with five minutes left. The game was basically called over by announcers after the Broncos botched a kick-off.

The Broncos were on their two yard line, but Elway was about to travel down the football field in 13 plays. There were multiple 3 downs, but the Broncos got to the goal line and Elway would throw a 5 yard pass to tie up the game.

The game went to overtime, and the NFL still had sudden death overtime. The Broncos got the ball, traveled down the field, and got a game winning field goal. Denver went to the Super Bowl, where they got blown out against the Giants (39-20).

Manning vs Brady

Peyton Manning faced Tom Brady multiple times, and most of the games were legendary. To this point Manning has been called a playoff choker, and the guy that can’t beat New England. In 2006 they will play again, and once again it looked like Brady was going to stomp Manning.

The Patriots took a quick 21-3 lead, the Colts scored a field goal before half time. Then the third quarter started, and Colts scored 15 unanswered points. The Patriots will score a touchdown, but the Colts will easily come back with a touchdown of their own, to tie the game.

Fourth quarter and the Patriots took the lead once again, with a field goal. The Colts tie up the game, but once again New England will score another field goal. With 3:49, Peyton and the Colts drove the field and scored a touchdown.

That was the Colts first lead, but Brady still had a minute. However Tom Brady for a change threw a game sealing interception and the Colts went to their first Super Bowl with Peyton. The Colts will beat the Bears and Manning will get his first ring (also was the Super Bowl MVP).

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