The Red Dead Redemption Video Game Review

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The Red Dead Redemption is one of the most fantastic western-based video games on ps4 and Xbox one. It has a massive following of millions of fans who desire to take a full adventure of America in the 18th Century while exposed to its wildlife atmosphere.

The Red Dead Redemption launch was not as smooth as most games, but that has not stopped the developers from growing to a must-own title. It has a fantastic way of expressing a western genre. The game will introduce you to the American cowboys; you delve into the world of guns back in the day in the West. A romantic feel during the Century is also brought out throughout the deserts and mountains. RDR has received recognition in more than 175 awards from expert gamers across the globe.

About Red Dead Redemption

RDR is one of the other best action games with fantastic graphics. The game brings out a story about the death of the West, as the name suggests. Rockstar Games produced and developed this game as a series of its Red Dead series. This game’s main selling point is the ability of players to move about and explore different parts of the West in the 18th Century.

RDR2 provides players with two options: playing in the third or first perspective. Players explore shooting, hunting, and rising pedigree horses throughout the game. Every player’s choice has contributed to the story build-up, something that makes this game exciting and unique.

RDR2 presents you as Arthur Morgan, a bandit, and Vanderline’s gang ringleader. Morgan is most wanted and must hide from police and federal agents crossing one state to another. In his strive to survive a day without capture, Morgan interacts with different people of dynamic backgrounds. He is involved in gunplays and conflicts and makes some decisions that affect the gang group.

RDR2 cannot bore you. It’s full of authentic gangs and bandits who replicate those in the Old West and its progressive era. Its events and developments are also dynamic.

One significant concern about RDR2 is that regardless of guides and game tutorials and reviews, RDR2 always has a unique mission to undertake. There are always individual decisions to take. Each task allows you to open up to new skills and characters and unique game opportunities.

Character Guide

Red Dead Redemption is best understood when you understand different characters and their role in the game. Most characters are protagonists who give the game its impressive presentation.

  • Van der Linde Gang: this is a 24-member gang led by John Marston. John is a very ambitious man who takes a stand to fight governmental corruption through his unique philosophical life.
  • Antagonists: there are at least ten antagonists in the game, all enemies to Arthur Morgan and his gang. Mostly, it’s the antagonists who spring up war, for instance, Leviticus Cornwall, a renowned businessman who wants to eliminate all outlaw gang members, including Morgan.
  • Debtors: Other people who owe the gang money, Arthur is determined to get their money back.
  • Workers: workers list is expansive in the story as they have different responsibilities. They make the game appear real virtually. These are fisheries, employees, business people, horse workers, and the police workforce.
  • Bounty targets: this includes a most-wanted list in the police department.

Playing RDR2

Red Dead Redemption is available on Xbox one, Google Stadia, and PS4, among other gaming devices. Rockstar Games also released an online game version with different game versions on console and desktop editions. Its functionality, however, remains the same.


Red Dead Redemption is available on PS4, Xbox One, and other gaming consoles like Game Stadia. It is made with modern gaming requirements to complement current consoles. Gamers can now purchase RDR2 on any online gaming store. Inutility limited the game access to certain players, but Rockstar Games later opened up the game to all users.

RDR2 on Xbox, PC, and Mobile

Red Dead Redemption is available on different platforms. However, it is straightforward on Xbox; you must have minimum PC system requirements to play on PC. Make sure to have windows seven or higher, Intel Core i5-2500K or at least AMD FX-6300 processor with 8 GB RAM, NVidia GeForce GTX 770 2 GB, or AMD Radeon R9 280 3 GB video card installed. You should also have at least 150 GB of storage space.

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