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“Raw: My 100% Grade-A, Unfiltered, Inside Look at Sports” by Colin Cowherd

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Tom looks at another sports book. This one is on one of the most famous sports names in sports media. Colin Cowherd has a new book, and you will love it!

Colin Cowherd writes this book just like he delivers his radio/TV show. He holds nothing back and isn’t afraid to delve into any sports topic. He gives up an insiders look into the people and actions that permeate our sports.

He tells us how he couldn’t stand the interview process while working for a newspaper and how phony and unprofessional it looks. He, at that time, decided a different career path to deliver sports to the masses. Cowherd uses personal experience to look into the egotistical world of the sports athletes.

Colin Cowherd doesn’t shy away from social topics and how they intertwine with sports. He touches on racism, same-sex relationships and domestic violence. His views along with sports icons are thrown into the mix for discussion.

The writing style of the book reads like a litany of commentaries that Cowherd may have written for his show. They are like short stories or 5 minute segments dealing with some segment of the sports world.

Of course, there is plenty of room to argue with him in his opinions, but he put them out there for  more civil discussion on our obsession of sports. This is an entertaining and interesting book. If you like Cowherd, you will like the book. If not, it will give you serious conversation starters at your next fantasy draft.

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