Ranking the Best Showdown Maps Currently in Brawl Stars

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There are currently fourteen maps in the Brawl Stars rotation for Season 8. This will be based on my opinion and which maps I like the most. I’ll be ranking the best showdown maps currently in Brawl Stars down below!

There are currently fourteen maps in the Brawl Stars rotation for Season 8. This will be based on my opinion and which maps I like the most. I’ll be ranking the best showdown maps currently in Brawl Stars down below!

The Bottom Four That I Rarely Play 11-14

14. Double Trouble: This is my least favorite map because of boring its layout is. I just don’t enjoy the setup they have, and I feel like it just has nothing special to it. I feel like it has too many long-range brawlers, and it becomes a snipe-fest which is fun at times, but not always. Not a great map.

13. Acid Lakes: Acid Lakes is very similar to Double Trouble because of the long-range brawlers ruling it. There is a center that is just so annoying when you get pinched. It is definitely a decent map and better than Double Trouble, but just not my personal favorite.

12. Rockwall Brawl: Rockwall Brawl is 100% the most overrated map in Brawl Stars, and I would love for it to be gone. It just has too many annoying throwers that seem to dominate. I do like the energy drink modifier, but not when it is with a Tick or a Dynamike. I’m ready for this one to hit the archives.

11. Risky Cliffs: Risky Cliffs is my least favorite of the newer maps, and I think it has sooo much potential to be a great tanky map. But then the stupid asteroids rain down and destroy the map to pieces. I love the center layout, and sneaking around in there is great. Get rid of the meteors!

Mediocre Maps, But Could Be Better With a Few Fixes 7-10

10. Feast or Famine: Feast or Famine is an alright map, and it is definitely tank heavy, as everyone rushes for the middle. I think that I’ve seen it for so long that it has gotten a little boring. If they add a few more boxes on the outside, then it would be balanced and a lot more competitive for 1st place.

9. Dark Passage: Dark Passage is a very solid map, but I feel like it is the worse version of Dark Fantasies. And why couldn’t they think of two separate names?! This is one of the better sniping maps, and I think that it has one of the unique layouts of the maps. Definitely not terrible, but I think it is too repetitive.

8. Stocky Stockades: I placed Stocky Stackades at eight because it hasn’t dropped in-game yet. All I know is that it will be 1000% better than Stormy Plains. By looking at Stocky Stockades, I think it has great potential to climb the rankings and be one of the favorites.

7. Cavern Churn: This map is right in the middle because it brings me satisfaction and also lots of anger. I absolutely love controlling the center of this map but can’t stand some of the cheeky strategies with Bo, Tara, Tick, and Rico. If I could ban certain brawlers on this map, it would be #1.

Maps 4-6 That Just Missed Out Being Some of My Favorites

6. Dune Drift: Dune Drift is a solid map, and it has its upsides. I think that there is a balance between long-range and short-range brawlers, which I really like in maps. I feel like the one downside on this map is that I get pinched way too often, which enrages me.
5. Skull Creek: Skull Creek is such a classic match, and I absolutely love that I can play any brawler on this map. I think there are tons of duos that absolutely destroy, and I love how it forces you to stay out of the middle. Then there are great fights on the outside as well. A classic map!

4. Dark Fantasies: Dark Fantasies is one of the newer maps, and I think it is one of the most unique. I look forward to teleporting through the portals on the outskirts and destroying long-range brawlers. I also think the intersection layout is a super cool feature!

The Best Three Maps That I Absolutely Love Playing 1-3

3. Scorched Stone: Scorched Stone has consistently been one of my favorites for a few seasons. I really really miss the robot feature and looked forward to playing brawlers like Lou, Gale, and Pam, who aren’t great in Showdown but were amazing on the map. Still have a blast on this map even without the modifier!

2. Mystic Touch: Mystic Touch has a great name and a great layout. This is one of the best energy drink maps that they have in-game, and I love sneaking around in the bushes along the outside and then escaping through the gaps—such a brilliant map setup.

1. Safety Center: This is by far my favorite map of them all. The middle part of this map is unmatched, and I love peaking the corners in the center. It also has a good amount of boxes and fighting happening outside the center. I always look forward to playing this map when it releases on Thursdays!

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