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Big Miami Dolphins Splash!

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The Miami Dolphins are more than a miracle! What the trade deadline recently tells us about the state of the NFL.

All Miami Dolphins fans were awaiting for general manager Chris Grier to push the big red button on Tuesday afternoon and make a move. With the trade deadline approaching, the Miami Dolphins had a couple more hours to fix some of their defensive flaws, and turn their team into an actual Super Bowl contender.

While later on, we’ll discuss Tua’s recent performances, the defense was causing a lot of extra stress on an offense that at the time was saving the other side of the field’s back, they really needed help to continue their pursuit to the playoffs. With amid rumors of Kareem Hunt reuniting with long-time friend Tyreek Hill started the excitement.

And then the big news came in. The Miami Dolphins were having talks with a current 3 time Pro Bowl defensive end. That sparked excitement. The last Dolphin to create a sparkle in coaches’ and fans’ eyes was all-time great Cameron Wake. Since him, they’ve made an attempt to plug in some new guys at that position signing Ndmakoung Suh and drafting Dion Jordan.

While both of those ending as failures for the Miami Dolphins, their defensive line currently wasn’t horrid, but very average to say the least. They’ve had a banged-up secondary. And they haven’t seemed to be able to get to the quarterback effectively in previous weeks.

Defensive coordinator Josh Boyer and his unit rank currently 24th, which isn’t good enough for an offense with two top 5 receivers and a rising elite quarterback. So they did it. They traded for Bradley Chubb.

Chubb at 26 years old for the Denver Broncos has an immense amount of promise and to many sports analyzers, is the key piece to making this team’s Super Bowl odds possible. With them now having improved current Vegas odds of 30-1 to win the Super Bowl, this team now will have that extra push on other team’s lines to allow it’s young secondary to thrive.

How About Tua!

Tua the man! They used to only use that for the great Dan Marino but we have to make an exception here. With Tua, once again completing another wonderful comeback down 21-7 at the half against the Detroit Lions to come out a winner, when are we going to take him seriously? He really is the answer!

He threw for almost 400 yards and 3 touchdowns. He’s amplified the Miami Dolphins offense, made new stars feel at home, and created further promise in this organization to keep firing away at finding talent. Without Tua, we wouldn’t have seen players like Bradley Chubb being added mid-way to the squad.

Offensive guru in Mike McDaniel has made Tua become a star and has helped him become undefeated so far this season in all games that he’s fully participated in. It’s like we almost forget this guy was stretchered off 3 weeks ago. He has the NFL’s best QBR!

The grit and toughness this man evokes is something this organization hasn’t had in a long while and I’m excited to see what the rest of this Dolphins team has to offer us this season.

To go 5-3 while pressuring the QB fourth lowest of any team in the NFL and with a QB injured halfway through, it’ll be extremely interesting to see the Miami Dolphins’ capability fully healthy and with their new elite assets ready to go.

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