Most Successful Esports Teams of All-Time

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With Esports’ popularity on the rise, there’s a number of teams that have already enjoyed success in professional gaming. Read this article to find out the most profitable and successful Esports teams of all-time.

With Esports’ popularity on the rise, there’s a number of teams that have already enjoyed success in professional gaming. Read this article to find out the most profitable and successful Esports teams of all-time.

Although Esports are still in its infancy period and are projected to enjoy continued rapid growth over the next decade, there are still a number of professional Esports teams that have already found immense success. Of course, success is somewhat subjective and means a variety of things to different people, however, for this list I’ve defined success as monetary earnings in addition to competition success.

There are thousands of Esports teams across the world, with more being formed every week, but there are only a few that can claim themselves as the best. Below, I’ve created a list of four of the most successful Esports teams of all time, and, as I mentioned before, their success is measured in monetary earnings and competition success.

Team Liquid

The team with the most competitions entered, as well as the most prize money won, Team Liquid have established themselves as one of the best Esports teams in the world. Team Liquid began in 2010 and has rapidly expanded its number of athletes and games competed in over the years.

Team Liquid has competed in more than 2400 Esports tournaments over the year, compiling just over $42 million in the process. Their most successful game, Dota 2, makes up a majority of these earnings with over $25 million won. The team has also found relative success in StarCraft and Counter-Strike

The team has over 60 gamers, with three of them earning the team more than $4 million in winnings each: Ivan Ivanov, Kuro Takhasomi, and Maroun Merhej. Team Liquid has established themselves as the premier Esports team in the world and will certainly look to continue their success.


Founded way back in 2004, this London-based Esports team boasts a number of the finest Swedish Gamers in the world. In just under 20 years, Fnatic have competed in over 1,000 tournaments and have earned almost $19 million in prize money in the process.

Fnatic is mostly known for their success in Counter-Strike and League of Legends, with record number of European championships in both games, but have made their most money on Dota 2, earning $5.4 million all-time.

Although this team has found widespread success, they are relatively unknown in the United States because of where they compete. However, with sponsorships from BMW and Monster, and boasting three $1 million earners in Djardel Jicko Mampusti, Freddy Johansson, and Jesper Wecksell, Fnatic are truly one of the best Esports teams in the World.

FaZe Clan

Since its founding in 2010, FaZe Clan has quickly grown into one of the most popular Esports teams in the world thanks to its numerous skilled gamers and social media presence. The team has earned just under $14 million in over 550 professional tournaments.

Although originally known for CS:GO, FaZe Clan has expanded into a number of other games, including Fortnite, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, Call of Duty, Valorant, and Rainbow Six Siege. However, FaZe Clan have enjoyed additional monetary success through their high-value sponsorships with G-Fuel, Steel Series, and Scuf Gaming.

Their social media presence, gaming skills, and sponsorships have earned FaZe Clan a ridiculous $400 million valuation, as they have become a permanent fixture in popular culture. Although they aren’t the highest earners in Esports, FaZe Clan are certainly one of the most successful Esports teams of all-time.

Natus Vincere

Established in 2009, Natus Vincere, or NAVI, is a Ukraine-based Esports team. Originally founded to compete in CS:GO, NAVI has branched out into a number of different games and has found success through their number of skilled gamers.

NAVI has competed in over 600 professional tournaments, earning nearly $20 million in winnings in the process. In fact, their team was the first to win over $1 million in a tournament ever after they won CS:GO’s the International in 2011.

NAVI has earned nearly $9 million from CS:GO, over $5 million from Dota 2, and just over $1 million from PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. Each of their top three athletes, Alexander Kostylev, Denis Sharipov, and Ilya Zalutskiy have earned over $1 million in professional competition.

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