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Mets’ Offseason Questions

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The New York Mets look ready for a full overhaul with their front office seeing some new faces, let’s take a look at what their upcoming offseason looks like and what kinds of moves need to happen to make them a contender next year.

Mets face a look questions in this coming off-season with already in the search of a new POBO, a new GM, a new manager, and also a reconstruction in the coaching staff; mainly hitting, but also they face some concerns about the current roster and what they can do to improve it.

Luxury Tax

It’s expected the Mets are going to blow the luxury threshold this off-season after a disappointing 2021 with the new regime, how much money are they going to spend, that depends entirely on how the CBA negotiations in December restructure the current system, anyway we should expect the Mets to spend big to avoid back-to-back losing seasons.

Pitching depth

Jacob deGrom, Carlos Carrasco, David Peterson, Jordan Yamamoto, Joey Lucchesi were all victims of being sidelined from the field for a long period of time or the whole season due to injuries, Tajuan Walker and Tyler Megill also pitched new career-high innings, both should be expected to pitch less in 2022 to avoid any fatigue or long-term injury.

The success of the team in 2022 will depend on how much they can get from the starting rotation, with 4 pitchers off the field for a long period of time, the Mets shouldn’t expect a lot from them and be prepared for the worst scenario on how healthy they can be for the 2022 season. 

The bullpen was the key this season there’s going to be new names in there with Familia, Williams, and Gsellman not expected to be pitching for Queens next year, Loup is expected to be back after he said on a press conference that he would love to be back here, Mets will also put the faith on Díaz and Lugo to not struggle as much as this year and be more dominating as years before.

Offensive struggles

It was on the players or was the hitting approach each side have their arguments but one thing is secure, expect changes, after the firing of Chili Davis and Hugh Quattlebaum expected to be back in his former role as director of hitting, someone new will be here at Queens, probably with an approach of flyballs instead of groundball, would be something look at.

The struggles of Dominic Smith, J.D Davis, Jeff McNeil, Francisco Lindor, offensively was the main reason why the Mets were awful in the 2nd half of the season. Davis, will likely get shopped again this off-season after not fully healing his hand and his liability to play decent defense at 3rd base. 

The same thing goes for Dominic Smith, a first baseman playing outfield, Mets will choose to keep Alonso instead of Smith, he will be shopped too, either they trade him or gets relegated to the bench like in 2019, Jeff McNeil besides his struggles at offense he can still be useful as a utility infielder capable of playing multiple positions, with Lindor he isn’t going anywhere with the 341 million extension starting to run at the beginning of 2022.   

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