Knup Solutions Completes Acquisition of Coded Content

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Knup Solutions recently acquired Coded Content, boostering them into the next level of sports and betting content creation.

Knup Solutions strengthens its position as a leading sports betting content agency with the addition of automated content

July 20, 2022 (Orlando, FL) – Knup Solutions, a leading sports betting content agency in the United States, today announced the acquisition of Coded Content. Coded Content is a software solution that uses artificial intelligence and coding to auto-generate uniquely written content for sports websites.

The acquisition complements the rest of the Knup Solutions service offerings in the content space. Not only will they continue to have their team of 70+ sports creators writing articles & creating videos, but now with the acquisition of Coded Content, the company will be able to offer more scale & a lower price point for websites looking for AI-created content.

AI-Driven content is emerging as a hot topic in the marketing world, not only in the iGaming industry but across all areas. Being able to use data, combined with predictive sentence structures, and produce large amounts of content at scale is definitely the future.

CEO of Knup Solutions Ryan Knuppel commented, “I haven’t been this excited about the future of our company in many years. With a successful team of writers producing tons of iGaming content daily, the easy path was to ignore the fact that automated content is coming fast. We chose the more difficult path to attack it head-on.”

Coded Content was started back in 2021 by Joe Kiemen, a 31-year-old sports fanatic out of Wisconsin. He was a freelance writer that decided to take action and build a supplemental system to help him write content. That quickly emerged into what is Coded Content today, a full software solution to create automated sports content.

Currently, the software system can help build previews, picks, predictions & props across the major sports like MLB, NBA, and NFL.

Creator of Coded Content Joe Kiemen had to say, “I am excited about the opportunity to join the team at Knup Solutions. My goal is to continue to improve the way we serve our clients and consumers. I look forward to working with Ryan and everyone at Knup Solutions in this pursuit.”

The future is bright for the Coded Content division of Knup Solutions. The team will now spend a couple of months doing a number of development improvements to the software. One of the biggest changes will be the migration of how sports data is collected. Using the Knup Solutions resources, Coded Content will be even more accurate and loaded with data options for the AI articles.

Secondly, they will look to expand into other types of automated content in the sports space. More sports such as soccer, hockey, college football, college basketball, and more. Also producing auto-generated props & player articles is coming very soon.

Ryan followed up with this, “Joe and his Coded Content team have a proven software that will fit perfectly into our portfolio of services. It’s all about serving the end clients and this is just another solution they can choose from. Really excited to have our company be a big part of auto-generated sports content!”

Knup Solutions does not see this affecting the amount of “human-generated” content they produce. There are some people that simply aren’t interested in auto-generated content, and that’s ok. Having both options is simply a feather in the cap for the content creation agency giant.

If you have a website that needs a better content solution in the sports / betting industry, make sure to check out and contact the team for more details & pricing on both human-generated, syndicated & auto-generated content solutions.

About Knup Solutions

Knup Solutions is a full-service marketing agency specializing in sports betting & iGaming content in the United States for affiliates, operators, and professionals. They have a team of 70+ content creators along with a state of the art coded content software, delivering around 150~ unique articles a day to some of the top sites in the industry for nearly 20 years.

Leading the charge is owner Ryan Knuppel who is a seasoned expert in the sports betting industry. The team offers everything from written article writing, automated content solutions, syndicated content feeds, video content, podcasting, industry consulting, domain name sales & more.


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