College Football Playoff Rankings – Cincy on the outside looking in 

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The College Football Playoff Committee has released their first standings of the season. Read this article to check out where teams fall in the rankings and see some of the snubs despite the unbeaten records.

The month of October is now in the rearview mirror and with the calendar turning to October that means that bowl season is right around the corner.

College football never seems to disappoint this time of year and it continues to hold true as the first College Football Playoff Rankings list has been released. 

Not much of a surprise here but the Georgia Bulldogs hold the top spot in the four team field in the first release. The Bulldogs have been as dominant as it gets in the sport for the 2021 season sitting at (8-0).

This team has already locked up their division in the SEC and it looks like a date with the Crimson Tide in the conference championship game is going to happen. 

Speaking of Alabama, the Crimson Tide checked in at the No. 2 spot despite suffering a loss this season to Texas A&M. This marks the first time a one loss team has been ranked this high in the CFP.

It wouldn’t be a college football playoff without seeing Bama on the list. Michigan State is coming off a big win over in-state rival the Michigan Wolverines and checks in at the No. 3 spot.

The surprise team on the list are the Oregon Ducks who round out the list of the top 4. The Ducks come in ahead of a couple teams that don’t feature a loss on their resume. 

There is always a snub on the list and that team is the Cincinnati Bearcats. The Bearcats are currently (8-0) and have two wins over the Power 5 teams that include No. 10 Notre Dame.

This team comes in at No. 6 overall and if they have any hopes of making the playoffs they will need the Irish to finish the season at 11-1.

This will only help their chances if they can go a perfect 12-0. A lot can play out over the next four weeks but for the time being the Bearcats are on the outside looking in. 

The two undefeated teams outside of Cincy are Power 5 teams that are also featured out of the top 4. The Oklahoma Sooners are (8-0) and come in at No. 8 on the list. This team is on a bye week but have had an up and down season that has not helped their cause.

The Demon Deacons are rolling through the ACC and are (8-0) but have yet to play anyone that really pops off the page and makes you say wow, that is a big win.

They have one of the weakest schedules in the country. Both of these teams check in lower than four one loss teams. 

Strap in college football fans because this is going to be another drama filled finish to the season.

Many factors can play into some of these making jumps or falling down but the team to watch is the Ohio State Buckeyes.

The Buckeyes have played a tough schedule and have arguably the toughest schedule remaining. Going perfect over that stretch could boost their chances to sneak into the playoffs. 

College Football Playoff Rankings 

  1. Georgia (8-0) 
  2. Alabama (7-1) 
  3. Michigan State (8-0) 
  4. Oregon (7-1) 
  5. Ohio State (7-1) 
  6. Cincinnati (8-0) 
  7. Michigan (7-1) 
  8. Oklahoma (9-0) 
  9. Wake Forest (8-0) 
  10. Notre Dame (7-1) 
  11. Oklahoma State (7-1) 
  12. Baylor (7-1) 
  13. Auburn (6-2) 
  14. Texas A&M (6-2) 
  15. BYU (7-2) 
  16. Ole Miss (6-2) 
  17. Mississippi State (5-3) 
  18. Kentucky (6-2) 
  19. N.C. State (6-2) 
  20. Minnesota (6-2) 
  21. Wisconsin (5-3) 
  22. Iowa (6-2) 
  23. Fresno State (7-2) 
  24. San Diego State (7-1) 
  25. Pittsburgh (6-2) 


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