“Chin Music” a Compelling Story of Mystery, Intrigue and Baseball. A Baseball Lovers Must-Read

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“Chin Music” by Lee Edelstein is a compelling story that that weaves family tragedies with a young man’s love for baseball. It is obvious the title was selected with great care as a baseball term applies to everyday life. When things come in high and tight and things knock you to the ground it is time to get up and dust yourself off and hang in there with new intensity and desire.

The Buck family goes through many struggles and personal issues after a loss in the family. With mom at wits end she decides to do something about it. Through happenstance ( or God’s intervention) she meets someone that shows compassion and a willingness to help brought on by his own tragedy.

Baseball is interwoven throughout the story and gives insight into how a game can teach so many valuable lessons to an entire family and all the people they meet on their quest for normalcy. It is that love of the game that helps them get through to a new normal.

Be sure to pick up a copy of this book for a book that is hard to put down until you have read it all. This read involves mystery, intrigue, romance and baseball. It is a very good and easy read and if baseball is your passion, this book must be read.


Editors note: I did not receive compensation for this review but I did get a free copy to read.


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