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“Buzzie and the Bull: A GM, a Clubhouse Favorite and the Dodgers’ 1965 Championship Season”

                   by Ken Lazebnik

This book by Ken Lazebnik is a good read and a fantastic resource for Los Angeles Dodgers fans in particular. It has 208 pages packed with the history of GM Buzzie Bavasi and his favorite utility player Al ‘the Bull” Ferrera.
The Bull was not a great player by any means and was a borderline major leaguer. But he was one of the most popular players on the roster. The players loved him and his boss, Buzzie Bavasi, loved him.
The Dodgers in the mid 1960’s had taken over as the premier team from the struggling New York Yankees and their architect was Buzzie bavasi. He had a soft spot for the congenial Al Ferrera and kept him around for the team camaraderie he brought to the roster. It was a well known fact that Buzzie and “the Bull”, as he was called , had a friendship but it wasn’t a concern around Dodgers circles.
The Bull was a fun loving man that was known for betting the horses. He was fond of adult beverages and he loved to be around women and he was known to frequent businesses of ill repute. He wasn’t shy about sharing his exploits to the players or even Buzzie, who loved to chat with him about it. Ferrera loved and played hard in his life and was appreciated in the clubhouse. All of this made the Bull popular in the clubhouse.

However, something got under Buzzie’s craw and he demoted Ferrara to the minor leagues and left him stay there until after September 1st. His means he wasn’t on the World Series roster. The Bulls teammates voted him a full share of the World Series money anyway.

Again, this is an entertaining book to read and a fantastic account for the Dodgers fans. I would like to thank the University of Nebraska Press for sending me a copy in exchange for a fair and honest book review.

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