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The MLB has some of the best jerseys in professional sports. This may be a hot take because baseball jerseys are still fairly simple relative to other sports. Nevertheless, the classic nature of MLB uniforms is very appealing to me and fans all around the world.

I’m going to look at every franchises home, away, and alternate uniforms. Each uniform is going to receive a ranking out of 10 points. I’m then going to average each score to determine one final number. Decimal points are allowed. I’m not a rookie when it comes to power rankings. The averaged score will be the basis of each MLB franchises spot in my jersey power rankings list.

Let’s get started!

Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians’ uniforms became boring when the club removed the Chief Wahoo logo. In these times, the Chief Wahoo logo is no longer appropriate. However, the team hasn’t made much of an effort to improve their jerseys. The team’s main logo is a block C. Whoever is in charge of designing Cleveland’s jerseys should be fired for this travesty.

Cleveland needs to start putting a little more effort into their jerseys before they move up on my list. The home jersey scored highest for me because I love classic home whites. The cursive Indians font is much nicer than the Cleveland lettering in all capitals on the grey road uniform.

Colorado Rockies

I’m not a fan of the Rockies’ home jersey. I believe pinstripes are for teams that have won multiple World Series titles. The Rockies have one NL pennant to their name and no Fall Classic victories. They don’t deserve pinstripes. The away jerseys are slick. I’m not a fan of purple, but the slight touch highlights the road greys.

When it comes to the two alternate tops, the black jersey is the best. I love black uniforms and the purple provides a nice underline to compliment the jersey. Purple on its own is ugly. The Rockies are lucky that the Indians’ logo designer hasn’t shown up for work in a few years or they would be last on my list.

Atlanta Braves

The Braves logo is slightly dated in the period were living in today. The Braves need to find a way to move away from their tribal logo on their home, away, and alternate uniforms. However, I love the red, white, and blue color scheme.

The alternate blue and red jerseys both turn heads. Whenever the Braves take the field in an alternate jersey, their opponents know that they mean business. Although, this is just because of the color scheme. The script is dated, and it needs an upgrade.

Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa Bay doesn’t pay their players very well and they don’t seem to spend much money on jersey designs either. The Rays have the same jersey in four different colors. They must’ve not upgraded their logo package when they were negotiating with Nike. I don’t hate the design, but I don’t want to see it on four separate uniforms.

I hate the team’s jerseys as much as Blake Snell hated being pulled in Game 6 of the World Series by Kevin Cash when he two hit the Dodgers through 5 1/3 innings. These tops aren’t nice. Maybe if the Rays put Tampa Bay on their road jersey, more people would know they existed in the bay area.

Minnesota Twins

When I look at the Twins’ jerseys, I can’t understand why they don’t move away from the classic Twin Cities’ logo. The baby blue jersey is one of my favorite alternate tops in the game of baseball. The jersey looks vintage with a modern flair.

So why do the Twins need to keep their ugly red alternate jersey with the TC logo. If it wasn’t for this jersey, the Twins would’ve scored much higher on my list. Minnesota’s home and away jersey are nothing to write home about. They’re modern, but very simple so that’s why they earned a low 6 rating.

Miami Marlins

I’m a big fan of Miami’s jerseys. When the league transitioned to Nike jerseys, the Miami Marlins received a huge upgrade. Although, I do have one question for Derek Jeter… Why would you have a Miami script on your home and road uniforms but have Marlins on your alternate blacks. That just doesn’t make any sense to me as a baseball fan.

I understand trying to be different, but their two primary uniforms are the same jersey in a different color. My favorite Marlins uniform is the baby blue alternate. I think all the colors work together in an impeccable fashion. However, I wish there was more to the jersey than just the team logo on the left chest. At least the Marlins’ were a little smarter than their fellow Florida MLB franchise in Tampa Bay…

Texas Rangers

Texas’ home jersey is classic. It’s just appealing to look at, but I don’t think it goes great with the team hat, so I had to slightly drop the score. I don’t like the TEXAS lettering on the away or red alternate jerseys. I think the home script and away lettering don’t resemble each other in any fashion whatsoever. The Rangers should incorporate script lettering into their TEXAS logo.

That would definitely help them move up my list. The baby blue jersey crushes it in every category. The Rangers script on the baby blue jersey with the Texas flag on the left arm is the perfect combination of features.

Arizona Diamondbacks

I don’t know if you feel the same way as me, but I think all the Diamondbacks jerseys look like alternates. I think the Diamondbacks’ jersey concepts are very slick, but I HATE how they just say D-Backs. I understand that Diamondbacks is a long name for the front of a jersey, but their home top should have the full team name.

I think the ARIZONA lettering on the away uniform is nicer than the abbreviated D-Backs on the home jersey. At least it’s better than the Marlins who have the same Miami script on their home and away jersey. Both alternate jerseys for the Diamondbacks live up to the hype, but their home jersey still needs a lot of work. Just don’t call the Indian’s logo designer…

Cincinnati Reds

The Reds’ away and alternate jerseys are home run worthy. I don’t love the home jersey, but it’s definitely iconic. The home jersey scored in the six range on that merit alone. Cincinnati’s road jersey is dark grey which allows the red font to stand out on the front. I wish the away jersey had more going on with the sleeves, but it’s a nice compared to other road uniforms in the MLB.

The Reds’ alternate top is simple, but beautiful at the same time. The Reds script in the front of the jersey has a discreet black outline, but there’s nothing fancy about this jersey. This is a benefit in my mind. The classic Reds logo on the arm is the final touch that makes this jersey worthy of dipping into the seven range.

Washington Nationals

Washington’s cursive W logo is classic. I love the design, but I don’t think it looks great on a white background. Washington’s red alternate jersey is simply the home jersey in red. This takes the score up a lot in my opinion which is evident with the 0.7 increase between jerseys.

The blue alternate jersey is sensational. Whenever the Nationals take the field with this top, I always seem to like them a lot more. I’m not much of a Nationals fan if you couldn’t tell, but I respect this jersey. The red, white, and blue color scheme fits this team, and this jersey stands out above the rest.    

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