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“Baseball: The Writer’s Game” By Mike Shannon

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The book “Baseball: The Writer’s Game” written by Mike Shannon is a collection of interviews from 17 authors of baseball books.

Baseball: The Writer’s Game
By Mike Shannon

This book has little value in my opinion because the author interviews baseball writers and they talk about their early life, their early writing career and other things that took place to get them where they are today. It is just a book for self-promotion as one writer promotes another.

This book has been published one other time with 15 interviews and now in order to resell the book he has added two more interviews. The authors do their best to name drop many times to puff up their careers along with personal insights that were gained. Baseball fans will be disappointed as there is no intrinsic value to be garnered in this book. Aspiring writers may find some things to stick in their craw.

Here are the authors that have been interviewed:
Charles C Alexander
Jim Brosnan
Robert Creamer
Charles Einstein
Peter Golenbock
John B Holway
Donald Honig
Bill James
Pat Jordan
Roger Kahn
W.P. Kinsella
Daniel Okrent
Greg Rhodes
Lawrence S. Ritter
Dan Shaughnessy
John Thorn
Lonnie Wheeler

My meter tells me this wasn’t very exciting and not one to put on your bookshelf.

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