A Closer Look at the All-Time Point Guards

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Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the fan-favorite position, the point guard. More precisely, we’ll be taking a closer look at all-time point guards. Let’s go!

The point guard is oftentimes kids/fans favorite position on teams, for being flashy and nowadays mostly likely highest scorer on team. However, who are some of the greats? Well, let’s go over four of the greatest point guards.

All-Time Point Guards

This is not a ranking, it’s just four point guards that are from different eras, styles, and abilities. The four we are going to talk about are Bob Cousy, Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnsen, and John Stockton. These are four guys that are legends and deserve to be on point guard Mount Rushmore.

Bob Cousy

Bob Cousy was most famous for two things: 6 rings with Bill Russell and the behind-the-back pass. The behind the back past was probably down before and has been down better since Cousy. However, he was one that kids saw and inspired future guards with that move.

Without Cousy, we might have never seen your flashy passers, like Magic, Stockton, Kidd, and Nash. During his era he was considered flashy, and helped improve the sport of basketball and draw fan attention to the Celtics. He also wasn’t a bad scorer.

He averaged 18 points during his career, which is still pretty good. He won two time league MVP, and an 8-time league assist champ. He might have not played in the highest skilled era of the league, but he was a guy that brought popularity and flashiness to the NBA.

During his time and a little after he was seen as the greatest point guard. He made the all-star game every year he played (beside his one year with 76ers). For all these reasons he’s underlooked and is an all time great.

Oscar Roberston

Oscar is most well known for averaging a triple-double during the 61-62 season. Before Russel Westbrook was getting a triple-double every other game, Oscar was. He was close to averaging triple-double multiple times in his career.

He also blows out Cousy in the statistical category, almost averaging a career double-double. Basically, Cousy left and Oscar took his place, and he definitely did. He had one NBA championship with Buck as Kareem Abdul Jabbar as his center (the first year in Milwaukee.)

He won one league MVP in the 63-64 season and won the assist title 6 times in his career. He was also a 12-time all-star. However, the most impressive aspect of his career was that he was dominating the league and played his best years without Kareem.

Most point guards wish they could have had stats like Oscar in the sixties. Guys to this day are having trouble matching the statistical dominance of Oscar. That is what makes him an all-time point guards legend.

Magic Johnson

Magic is widely said to be the best NBA point guard. He is really what any coach looks at when they scout the position. Magic had great passing vision and great passes.

He has over 10,000 career assists and could have easily had more if he didn’t leave the NBA after he was diagnosed with the HIV virus. However, in his stint in the NBA, he was considered the best player in the league (with the likes of Kareem and Bird).

He ranks sixth in all-time assists (Oscar is seventh and Cousy is twentieth), and had 3 MVPs. He didn’t just pass the ball well, he was well known for doing unbelievably wild passes. This helped him to 5 assist titles and 12 all-stars.

It’s easy to see why he is great and probably is on your list for best players in NBA history. He definitely is a player where no words could describe him and if you want evidence just look it up. He is a top-five greatest player in NBA history.

John Stockton

John might just be the greatest passer in NBA history and one of the greatest defenders. He made the Jazz relevant (just like how Oscar and Cousy made their teams relevant) and fed the ball greatly to the postman (Karl Marlone).

John is the leader of assists, having over 15,000, and has the most steals ever. Making him one of the best two-way players ever. He never won the finals but did play the 90’s Bulls close in their appearances. Also, they were probably the best western conference team Jordan faced during his finals appearances.

John never won MVP or even scored a lot of points. However, he has 9 assist titles, 5 defense titles, and 10 all-star appearances. He was definitely a great true point guard and is an all-time great.

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